Professional Landscape Services – North Brisbane

Lawn Mowing / Brush Cutting

We do all types of lawn mowing from push mowing, ride on mowing and cylinder mowing, for all sized yards.

  • Push mowing
  • Cylinder mowing
  • Ride on lawn mowing


B&R Landscaping do all types of hedging. Whether you need routine maintenance (a light trim) or full trim on an overgrown hedge, we can help. We have an efficient team who can get the job done quickly.

  • Light trim of hedges to retain shape
  • Trimming of overgrown hedges

Small Acreage  Mowing

B&R Landscaping provide ride on mowing services for quarter acre to two acre yards.

  • Ride on mowing service for quarter acre blocks
  • Ride on mowing services for up to two acre blocks

Weed Eradication

B&R Landscaping provide weed eradication to all domestic yards. From lawn weeds, nut grass and broad spectrum weeds like bindii as well as general weed killing.

  • Lawn weed eradication
  • Nut grass weed eradication
  • General weed eradication